Dear seller, supplier, consultant, key account manager etc.

In order not to waste your own and our time, please read this before contacting us.

If you want to sell something to Sokkelund or want to contact us regarding ANYTHING other than table reservations, please send an email to [email protected]

If you choose to send something to us by email or post, we will contact you if we are interested in buying your product, service, service, etc.

You should ONLY send us something if you agree with this.

You can NOT call, write, send mail, etc. to Sokkelund or Sokkelund employees to follow up on, hear if we have received your material, etc.

Feel free to send us something - WE will contact YOU if we are interested in further dialogue.



For your pleasant information, it is our goal to send you 6-12 newsletters a year, but so far we have only managed to send a single Christmas greeting. We will contact you about special events, new openings as well as the latest seasonal menus. We will keep your data secure and of course we will never sell or share your data. For more details on our data policy and protection.

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